Recent projects.

PGSR’s extensive experience in the industry spans over 500 projects Australia-wide from provision of field services, breakdown services and resourcing. 

Mt Piper U2 Minor Project

Bayswater Transformer Maintenance

Eraring Unit 1 Major Outage

Visy Pulp and Paper – Tumut Minor Outage

Mintaro Gas Turbine Repair & Major Inspection

Mount Piper Minor Outage LP Heater Upgrade

Bayswater Power Station Unit 1 Minor Outage

QAL Turbine and Generator Minor Outage

Muja M7 & M8 Outages

Darling Downs Power Station Valves Inspection

Visy Paper Mill Turbine / Gearbox / Generator Minor Inspections

Tallawarra Valve Outage

Liddell U4 Minor Outage

Vales Point Unit 6 Upgrade

Bayswater Power Station Analog AVR to Digital Replacement

Jeeralang B3 Major Turbine and Generator Outage

Muja M5 & M6 Minor Outages

Bayswater Unit 4 Steam Turbine Upgrade – March 2020

Workshop support – Broadwater Bearings

Workshop Support – Bayswater Valves

QAL Outage on 12.5MW Generator Set