Muja M7 & M8 Outages

Muja M7 & M8 Outages

Project Scope:

PGSR was engaged to provide project / site management, supervision, trades and non-trades to execute the minor outage works on the Muja M8 units and major outage works on the  M7 Units.

Specific works included;

  • M7 Major Outage – HIP Turbine, Turbine Valves, Minor Generator Inspection
  • M8 Minor Outage – Turbine Valves

Customer Details:
Toshiba / Synergy

Project Duration:
8 Weeks - Dayshift / Nightshift - 60hr / weeks

Resources provided:
Site Crew - All Trades & Supervision - 14400hrs

Tooling provided:
1x 20 Ft tooling container & Specialised Tooling included Dummy Bar Dial Kit - Hydraulic Nut Kit - Laser Tracker Kit - Noz Welding Kit