Bayswater Power Station Unit 1 Minor Outage

Bayswater Power Station Unit 1 Minor Outage

Project Scope:

PGSR was engaged directly by Toshiba to provide all trade, non-trade, tooling and equipment resources to execute the minor outage works on Bayswater Unit 1 Turbine

Specific works included:

Turbine disassembly, detailed inspection and reassembly

Pre works testing, VT Fuse installation

Inspection of TX Cooler fan, disassembly replacement and reassembly

Disassemble CV Actuator and replace Actuator with rotable spare, reassemble

Customer Details:
Toshiba / AGL

Project Duration:
10 Weeks - Dayshift - 60hr / weeks

Resources provided:
Site Crew - All Trades & Supervision - 960hrs

Tooling provided:
1x 20 Ft tooling container & Specialised tooling included Knaack box tooling, Turbine rotor rollers, Main stop valve clamping table, Vacuum pump, Oil purifier unit