Mount Piper Minor Outage LP Heater Upgrade

Mount Piper Minor Outage LP Heater Upgrade

Project Scope:

PGSR was engaged to provide all supervision, trades, non-trades and HSE resources to execute the major outage works on the Mount Piper upgrade project

Specific works included:

Minor turbine inspection and maintenance

Generator inspection and maintenance

Overhaul of LP heater and installation

MSV and TCV inspection and works

Customer Details:
Toshiba / Energy Australia

Project Duration:
10 Weeks - Dayshift - 60hr / weeks

Resources provided:
Site Crew - All Trades & Supervision - 900hrs

Tooling provided:
1x 20 Ft tooling container & Specialised tooling included Knaack box tooling, Turbine rotor rollers, Vacuum pump, Oil purifier unit